My Story:

Before I was diagnosed with brain cancer, I was a busy and stressed-out lawyer. The years of stress had begun to wear on me mentally and ultimately physically. By the time I was diagnosed, the cancer was growing fast, and we were told there was effectively no chance I could beat it.

With two elementary school-aged children and a supportive husband, I vowed to do everything I could to improve my odds. Even with the brain surgery, and treatment I would take, the low survival rate of this disease remained particularly daunting.

So I changed everything. The stressful thoughts I had were replaced by mindfulness, meditation, qigong, joy, and the healing power of music, to name just a few. To support my body, I focused on clean food and clean water, exercise, breathing techniques, as well as quality sleep. I also learned about the wisdom and healing path of the spirit-something I could never have learned without the serious situation I found myself in. Many discoveries, and many blessings, came from my darkest days.

After some time, the doctors were shocked by how well I was doing. But I knew an important aspect of my wellness was coming from the tools I learned about and used to create more health and balance in my life.

These tools, individually, and especially in the aggregate, support our immune system and nervous system, allowing the body to resume homeostasis, its natural balance of health, calm and joyfulness.

When we flood our bodies and thoughts with healing techniques, we allow our immune system to focus on unwanted invaders like cancer, inflammation, and toxins. And we do better as a result.

I take no medicine. I have no cancer. I am healthy and well and have been this way for many years.


My Goal:

My goal is to teach as many people as possible how to use Mind, Body and Spirit to heal, and for them to be part of a greater story about healing that becomes so widely embraces, it is commonplace.

Please join me in this website and my book, The Case for Hope, as we journey through the many ways we can heal and feel well.



Thank you SO much – I can’t express how much hope you gave me today. I am so appreciative of the great information and compassion you shared. I am excited to start implementing what you teach into my life!

Nancy F.

I loved the fact that your book on hope was a life plan for living with or without facing terminal disease. Thank you for the blueprint for my life. I only hope I can handle it with the same grace you have shown.

Nancy M.

I received your book “The Case for Hope” recently and began reading what I am going to call my “journey of joy” as I am already completely enraptured after just one chapter! How beautifully you describe your journey, the belief in oneself, the hope that emulates from that, and the resulting healing process which is so eye opening and personified, I can’t wait to read the rest!

John J.