About the Book

In 2011, Jennifer Dickenson was a busy lawyer when she was diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer and given scant hope for survival. But she started looking for hope anyway and discovered the magnificent ways in which we can heal through mind, body and spirit.

As a result of her own healing process, she became compelled to share the information she learned with as many people as possible. The Case for Hope is an encouraging, easy-to-read, informative book, filled with tools in support of those fighting cancer, illness, or those just looking to live a better life.

A refreshing voice willing to think differently about healing, Jennifer inspires others with her story and the tools she teaches, reminding us that we are built to heal.

Sometimes we just need a path to follow.

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What I Learned on My Journey from
Cancer to Wellness: We Can Heal



Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Waking Up
• What Just Happened?
• Symptoms
• Moment of Clarity
• The Learning Begins
• Why This Book

Chapter 2 Key Concepts: How We Can Heal
• The World We Live In
• Managing Stress
• Some Thoughts About Traditional Western Medicine
• How to Work with Doctors
• The Healing Power of Change
• Engage Your Will

Chapter 3 The Body: 9-1-1
• How to Breathe
• The Power of Quality Sleep
• Clean Water
• Exercise

Chapter 4 More About the Body
• Nutrition Doesn’t Have to Be Boring
• Food as Medicine
• Getting Started
• Incorporating Herbs and Spices
• Understanding Acidic and Alkaline Foods
• The Benefits of Supplements
• Detoxification and Avoiding Toxins

Chapter 5 The Mind: Moving Energy to Heal
• Qigong
• Meditation
• Guided Meditation
• Prayer
• Visualization
• Massage
• Yoga
• Acupuncture
• Music
• Joy
• Write It Out
• Being in Nature

Chapter 6 The Spirit: Going Deeper
• Support from the Inside Out
• Letting Go—Perspective, Judgment, Forgiveness
• Finding the Spirit

Chapter 7 Putting It All Together
• Conclusion

Appendix A : A Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Foods
Appendix B : When to Choose Organic
Appendix C : Food Additives to Avoid
Appendix D : Sneaky Sugars
Appendix E : Acid-and Alkaline-Forming Foods
Appendix F : Recommended Resources

About the Author

From the Book

Quotes from The Case for Hope

“Hope is not a guarantee…but it’s an awfully good place to start.”
Chapter 1 – Waking up “Why This Book” – page 9

“It turns out the greatest things in life aren’t things at all”
Chapter 1 – Waking Up “Moment of Clairity” – page 5

“If when mind, body and spirit are not in balance, illness can result, why can’t the opposite be true? Why can’t restoring balance to these systems heal us and make us well again? Not only do I believe that it can, I am proof of it.”
Chapter 2 – Key Concepts: How We Can Heal – page 13

“Devices can be vices that keep people away from personal connection. Paradoxically, their ubiquitous presence feeds a cycle of loneliness in a world of people hungry for real connection.”
Chapter 2 – The World We Live In – page 14

“Cancer cells thrive on sugar-in fact, they depend on it. Although we don’t want to feed the cancer cells, the problem is that we actually need sugar to survive. The good news is that not all sugars are equal in quality and benefit. Processed or refined sugars are the worst type of sugar.”
Chapter 4 – Food as Medicine – page 47

“We have the power to understand energy, but sometimes we lose our energetic radar- our confidence in our natural instincts. The practice of mindfulness helps us find our radar again.”
Chapter 5 – The Mind: Moving Energy to Heal – page 59

“Taking time for joy in our lives helps the mind expand perspective, relaxes the body, reduces inflammation, and supports the immune system. It also supports a spirit that wants to fly.”
Chapter 5 – The Mind: Moving Energy to Heal  “Joy” – page 74

“ I gasped to see the moonlight filling the room. I could never have seen it but for the darkness.”
Chapter 6 – The Spirit: Going Deeper – page 81

“We don’t need the name of the flower to understand its beauty.”
Chapter 6 – The Spirit: Going Deeper  “Finding the Spirit” – page 89


I have read your book 3 times and will share the beautiful story and valuable information with my friend!!

Margaret K.

Thought provoking and enlightening. Thoroughly enjoyed taking the clear and concise journey with the author Jennifer Dickenson. A major dose of positivity! Congratulations.

Cathy E.

Amazing new way to view your health and our medical system. Well done and keep up the good fight! It is so true we cannot ever give up hope no matter the diagnosis.

Zvon E.

Extremely informative, easy to read, and relatable. This book is an awesome read. It offered a totally new perspective to me and was very easy to understand. It was invaluable to get the panoramic view of healing that I had been missing. I am so happy that I stumbled across it and will be recommending to family and friends.

Michael V.